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Digital and Genealogical Home Page for Graeme Bartlett

From here you can link to some other web sites I am interested in. Or you can read a bit about Piccolo a MFSK system. Alternately you can view the family history files I have created.

Family History

Thomas Boersma Pedigree
Joukje Zwaagstra Pedigree
Fede de Boer Pedigree
Gatske Bosma Pedigree
Walter Bartlett Pedigree
Mary Anne Brumby Pedigree
Arthur James Pitt Pedigree
Eliza Nash Pedigree
Althuis in Friesland
Althuisius in Friesland
Hesselius in Friesland
Achtien or Achttien in Friesland
Greidanus or Greydanus in Friesland
Lautenbach in Friesland

HF Radio Digital Data Communications

Automatic Link Establishment ALE
Federal Standard 1045A
Fast HF Modem standards
Federal Standard 1052
US Military Modem standard including serial tone, 16 tone and 39 tone HF PSK modems
High Rate Digital Transmission Patent
Harris's FS1052 description also known as MIL-STD-188-110A app B
IBM Patent server
Harris Patent to sync a modem onto FS1052 like signal
MIL-STD-188-141 standard
Automatic Link Establichment
HF Modem Patent
by ITT resembling FS1052
Link 11 Patent
also known as Tadil A
Link 11 Standard
also known as Tadil A
US Patent 4939731
Plessey Patent to improve on ALE (MIL-STD-188-141)
US Patent 5572548
Thomson-CSF patent for high speed HF modem
Paper on this high speed modem
Paper on this modem's diversity performance
Roberto Robba home page
In Italian Again!
Luca Barbi
In Italian Again!
Latest Australian Ionogram
Ionospheric Prediction Service Site - Can the signal make it to Canberra?
HF Monitoring Site
Full of noise and spectrograms
Descriptions of many digital types of signals

HF Related Personal Pages

Ian Julian's Home Page
Pacific Rim Monitor from New Zealand
Pär Flitt Home Page
Software Author for advanced radio systems

Files at this site

UHF monitoring results
UHF Satellite transmissions in a text file
ALE decoding spreadsheet
Sample in Lotus 123 format of an emission on 16266 kHz
Piccolo Page
Information on Piccolo MFSK system

Graeme Bartlett


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